Report of Science day activities at the African Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (AIMS Rwanda), Centre of Excellence.

Science day activities at AIMS Rwanda were organized by students, alumni and lecturers of
AIMS Rwanda. The event was conducted on two consecutive days. On the first day, they
performed an interesting conference which started from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm with the main topic :
“AIMS Impact on the development of scientific culture in Rwanda”. The conference was
attended by a number of guests coming from different institutions as well as organizations and
some RAWISE members were among them. On the second day, an outstanding open day
exhibition took place at AIMS, it started at around 3:30 pm and ended at around 6:00 pm. In
addition to the previous day’s guests, a good number of high school students from FAWE and
King David Academy were invited. Some activities were performed such as poster presentations,
speeches, competitions between students, rewarding the winners, etc

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