As an organization that strives to improve the presence and the visibility of women scientists & engineers on leadership platforms, RAWISE is organizing a one day Symposium to showcase the work of her members and their contributions towards the country’s goal of creating a solid foundation to harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This will be the third RAWISE Symposium, which is held annually, around various relevant themes. This year’s theme is “STEM women and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Rwanda : a discussion on current and potential future contributions”.
The main objective of the symposium is to showcase the work done by Rwandan female researchers in STEM related fields, with a focus on technological innovations.
Specific objectives of the Symposium are :
1. Increase the visibility of Rwandan STEM women ;
2. Raise the awareness within RAWISE members about the country’s agenda and initiatives related to the fourth industrial revolution, and how they can contribute ;
3. Improve the scientific communication skill of the members ;
4. Encourage young researchers in their academic path.
The symposium will be preceded by capacity building activities aimed at empowering women in their scientific careers & studies by strengthening their skills in grant proposal writing and scientific presentations. These activities will foster & facilitate networking and the exchange of new ideas among research engineers & scientists working in Academia, Industry and in Policy making sectors. Lastly, two awards will be given to the best PhD students presenters, in two categories : talk & poster presentations.

The Symposium will follow an in-person model, though participants will have the opportunity to follow parts of the event online via a streaming platform.

In-person participation will be by invitation only. To request an invitation as a non-RAWISE member, send an email at :http://rwandanwomenscience@gmail.com

To submit an abstract (only RAWISE members), follow the below link :

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