OWSD Rwanda National Chapter activities (22-23March 2018) and Partial Celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of OWSD

OWSD Rwanda National Chapter activities were 2-day events 22nd (about 140 people were present) and 23rd March 2018 (about 80 people were present) in the afternoon. These events were prepared by RAWISE and OWSD Rwanda national chapter, sponsored by OWSD international. They took place at the new East African Institute for Fundamental Research (EAIFR), which is an ICTP partner institute. 19 OWSD fellows, different women scientists from Rwanda, University of Rwanda staffs and undergraduate students were present. These events were preluded by a visit at the Rwanda Genocide memorial on 21st March 2018.

The objectives of these events were :

• To present the national assessment on gender in STEM fields.
• To explain why the OWSD Rwanda National Chapter is needed and why is hosted by RAWISE.
• To share own experience (by OWSD awardees) with OWSD in the framework of celebrating 25th anniversary of OWSD.
• To explain of PhD Fellowships (who is eligible ? How to apply ?)

The first day kicked off with a national assessments presentation that includes Africa countries (Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, National Assessments on Gender and STI ). This panel discussion was about the report done in 2015-2016 on women positioning in different fields, especially in STEM fields. The outcome of this assessment aims to help in finding the strength and weakness to be given to policy makers for implication. In this line, Niragire Henriette who is a RAWISE member and an OWSD awardee, presented some challenges faced by Rwandan women that chose to pursue the careers and studies in STEM fields.

The OWSD National chapter, which is hosted by RAWISE is one of solutions to some of the challenges listed in the national assessment and is the way of spreading the news and any activities of OWSD international. Ms Marie Chantal Cyulinyana, RAWISE president, explain the rationale behind the why OWSD Rwanda NC is hosted by RAWISE. She also explained the motivation behind the creation of these two science and engineering associations.

Every OWSD awardee who attended on the second day had a chance to share her study and career journey. This was in line of the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of OWSD fellowship. The benefit and opportunities offered by OWSD were described. This was in line of RAWISE objectives to share news on further studies and scholarships opportunities. OWSD coordinator explained the OWSD fellowship for Early Career Women Scientists and what is needed for the application. A detailed information on those events can be found at :

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